The Good Life

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a capti●ve boa constrictor, twisting b●ody and limbs in racking contortion●s, and foaming at the mouth until ●his ashy face was covered with s▓pume, and dirt from the floor.Hi●s strength was supernatural.To attempt to ▓control him was useless,—for▓bidden, in fact, on the day that he● had warned me of his injury.I took refu●ge on one of the benches to escape ●his convulsions. The express spe▓d on in the falling darkness.Th▓e next station was far distant.Before m▓e rose a vision of myself surrounded b●y stern officials and attempting in vain to e▓xplain the presence of a cor▓pse in 318my compartment.F

oolhardy, indeed,● had I been to choose such a companion. ▓ For a long hour his fit c▓ontinued.Then the contortions of his ▓body diminished little by little; his ar▓ms and legs twitched spasmodically in lessening ●jerks; his eyes, glassy and bloodshot, op▓ened for a moment, closed agai●n, and he lay still.Through t●he interminable night he stretched prone● on the floor, motionless as a cad▓aver.When morning broke

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in the east he ●sat up suddenly with a jest on his lips and n●one the worse, apparently, for his ravings.Bu▓t his memory retained no recor●d of occurrences from the moment when ●the wild shout of the Hindu had sounde●d in his ears three hundred mil●es away. An hour later we were p▓urchasing sweetmeats in the bazaars of Viza●gapatam.The flat, sun-baked fields of south▓ern India had been left behind.The ●surrounding country was hilly and verdant●; to the eastward stretched the b●lue bay of Bengal.In the offing a ship lay at▓ anchor.Naked coolies, bent double under bales▓ and bundles, waded waist-deep into the s▓ea and cast their burdens int▓o a lighter.Adjoining the baz●aars, a sudra village